Action Beneficiaries

Existing medium Companies, which before the date of the funding application submission:

  • have completed at least 3 administrative purposes of a twelve month period

  • Have at least one eligible CSD included in the Annex IV. 


Investment Plans & Subsidy

Investment Plans from 50.000 euro to 400.000 euro.

50% of the eligible expenditure is subsidized.



Eligible Areas of Activity

according to their priority

  • Agri-Food/Food Industry

  • Energy

  • Supply Chain

  • Cultural and Creative Industries (LCA)

  • Environment

  • Tourism

  • Information and Communication Technologies

  • Health

  • Materials-Constructions.



Basic Entry Requirements

The companies should:

  • Be a medium sized business, according to the Commission’s Recommendation 2003/361/ΕC (Annex VII «Defining a Problematic Enterprise»)

  • Operate legally having all the appropriate operation licenses

  • To operate as AE, EPE, OE, EU, IKE, NEAA, Individual Company, Social Cooperative Company of Law 4430 / 2016, and to abide by or commit to abide by the adoption of the abstracts or duplicate books of Law 4308/1414

  • Submit expenditure that has not been subsidized and is not part of another program funded by national or local sources

  • Realize an investment proposal per LNG, exclusively in a single administrative Region.



Subsidized Expenditure

  • Machinery-Equipment, up to 100% of the investment plan

  • Certification – Quality Management Systems, Design, Standardization and Certification of Products up to 100% of the investment plan

  • Means of transport

  • Drafting and monitoring of the investment plan

  • Wage cost of employees (new staff).


Expenditure is eligible as from the date of the publication of the invitation.

The implementation period of the investment cannot exceed 24 months from the date of the issuance of the Accession Decision.


Opening Date of the Online Application Submission: 27.06.2018 at 12.00 p.m.

  • The invitation will remain open for submission of applications until the exhaustion of the available budget and the latest until the completion of a 18 month time since the initial publication.

  • Applications for funding will be evaluated in order of priority, according to the date of the application submission.