Action Beneficiaries

Existing very small, small and medium businesses, that before the date of the application submission: 

  • Have completed at least two (2) full administrative purposes and keep B and C books up to the 31.12.2017,

  • Have at least one eligible CSD activity not included in the Annex IV NON ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES (CSD). 


Investment Plans & Subsidy 

Investment plans from 5.000 euros to 50.000 euros. 

50% of the eligible expenditure is subsidized.


Basic Entry Requirements

    The companies should: 

  • Present during the last three years, at least one positive result before tax, interests and returns

  • Submit during their application process documents that prove their own contribution to the investment plan of at least 60%

  • Operate legally, having the appropriate license of operation, according to the existing legislation

  • Submit expenditure that has not been subsidized and is not part of another program funded by national or local sources

  • Not be included as recipients in decisions to revoke past actions regarding digital technology

  • Realize an investment proposal per LNG, exclusively in a single administrative Region

  • Submit an investment plan for an eligible CSF.


Subsidized Expenditure

  • Supply, transportation, installation and operation of new machinery and other ICT equipment, necessary for the operation of the company and the provision of services

  • Supply and customization of software

  • Online shop with the following characteristics: 

    • At least 2 languages 

    • Μobile responsive

    • Ordering, storage and online payment software

  • Services regarding to:

    • Hospitality (hosting, collocation)

    • Internet connection

    • Digital advertising (google ads, facebook ads)

    • Development of digital advertising material

    • Development and/or certification of digital security policy,

    • Data transfer or software customization

  • Wage cost of employees (new staff).


Expenditure is eligible as form the date of the submission of the application for funding.

Digital Business Rates

Every business, before the submission of its investment plan, should fill in a questionnaire and capture its digital status at that time (ICT equipment of the last three years, software, digital services, other ICT assets).  

According to its digital status it is automatically categorized to one of the four (4) digital tiers that define the levels of digital maturity according to the analytical Invitation.

The investment plan should aim in the company’s digital development of at least one tier. Indicatively: 

  • from the digital tier (D) to (C)

  • from the digital tier (C) to (B) etc.

Period of Submissions 

Start of Submission: 11 June 2018 

End of Submission: 31 October 2018